Children's Theatre

Proposals for productions for the festival of theater for young audiences in Berlin.

The results of the multi-stage selection process for AUGENBLICK MAL! 2025 is made visible by the symbol of the red eye and its number on the proposal list:

  1. As soon as a proposed production has been viewed by the curators*, a red eye appears next to the proposal's list entry.
  2. Two red eyes indicate that the proposal has been shortlisted by the curators. This decision is expected to be announced in June 2024.
  3. Three red eyes reveal the final selected proposals that will be shown at AUGENBLICK MAL! 2025. The publication will take place in September 2024.

Proposal No. : 8
Reversed Piece (AT)
Authors: performing:group
Direction: Jana Griess & Julia Mota Carvalho
Title: performing:group, 50670 Köln, Premiere: 17.11.2023
Cooperation partner: Comedia Theater, Köln

Proposal No. : 9
Nur ein Tier
Authors: Ensemble
Direction: Clara Gohmert
Title: Armada Theater, 42555 Velbert, Premiere: 04.06.2023
Cooperation partner: Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen

Proposal No. : 10
Der Koffer
Authors: Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
Direction: Antonia Brix
Title: Theater im Marienbad, 79098 Freiburg, Premiere: 09.06.2023

Proposal No. : 12
Besuch aus Lilliput
Authors: Theater Triebwerk
Direction: Theater Triebwerk
Title: Theater Triebwerk, 22587 Hamburg, Premiere: 03.10.2023

Proposal No. : 14
Elefanten in Blutadern
Authors: Sarah Plattner & Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen
Direction: Sarah Plattner & Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen
Title: SARAHEDITH, 12159 , Premiere: 16.06.2023
Cooperation partner: SCHÄXPIR Festival Linz

Proposal No. : 15
Authors: Iona Daniel
Direction: Gerben Vaillant
Title: Theater Münster , 48143 Münster , Premiere: 23.09.2023
Cooperation partner: MNEME kollektiv

Proposal No. : 16
Der Katze ist es ganz egal
Authors: Franz Organdl
Direction: Carina Sophie Eberle
Title: Theater Münster, 48143 Münster , Premiere: 25.09.2022

Proposal No. : 22
Authors: Alfredo Zinola & Micaela Kühn Jara
Direction: Alfredo Zinola & Micaela Kühn Jara
Title: Theater der jungen Welt, 04177 Leipzig, Premiere: 16.09.2022

Proposal No. : 23
Petra Pan, Oma Hook und Wendy. Ein Familien-Theaterstück für alle ab 6 Jahren
Authors: Die AZUBIS
Direction: Kai Fischer und Christopher Weiß
Title: Die AZUBIS, 20253 Hamburg, Premiere: 24.11.2023

Proposal No. : 24
AUS/GEFUCHST Über das Fuchs/Mensch-Sein Eine musikalische Tanzpoesie
Authors: Droste, Gabi dan/Frenkel, Ziv/Leuthäuser, Erik/Turbahn, Julia Keren
Direction: Gabi dan Droste
Title: FELD Theater für junges Publikum, 10781 Berlin, Premiere: 23.09.2023

Proposal No. : 25
Drunter und Drüber
Authors: Keren Levi
Direction: Keren Levi
Title: FFT, 40210 Düsseldorf, Premiere: 08.11.2022

Proposal No. : 26
Die vier Jahreszeiten
Authors: Dramaturgie: Miriam Beike, Bühne und Kostüme: Nele Ellegiers Tanz: Moonjoo Kim, Angelina Pico, Mya Flieger
Direction: Choreographie: Barbara Fuchs
Title: JUNGES! Staatstheater Braunschweig, 38100 Braunschweig , Premiere: 06.10.2023

Proposal No. : 29
Der allerbeste Familienstreit. Ein Familien-Forschungsfest
Authors: Die AZUBIS
Direction: Kai Fischer und Christopher Weiß
Title: Die AZUBIS, 20253 Hamburg, Premiere: 07.05.2023

Proposal No. : 30
ACHTUNG! Bau:Stille. Ein interaktives Geräuschetheater für Menschen ab 3 Jahren
Authors: Theater Kormoran
Direction: Kai Fischer und Caroline Heinemann
Title: THEATER KORMORAN GbR, 22941 Bargteheide, Premiere: 25.11.2022

Proposal No. : 31
Authors: Malte Andritter, Jonas Feller, Nico Franke, Hans Peters
Direction: Prinzip Rauschen
Title: Prinzip Rauschen GbR, 25541 Brunsbüttel, Premiere: 01.04.2023
Cooperation partner: Figurentheater Osnabrück